Born in 2020 in Vancouver. We are a creative agency that loves creating pixel-perfect, minimal designs that are impactful and have purpose. Allow us to help you build a strong online presence while you continue to focus on the important day-to-day aspects of your business.

From immersive websites to stunning apps, or wonderful crafted visual graphics in the form of promotional videos or a logo, we are equipped with a vast set of skills and we seek to help you bring any and all of your dreams to life!

Though we love our current line of work, we have begun venturing into new technologies such as Web3 and creating our own products such as comprehensive, customizable Shopify theme, several cross platform applications, a thrilling new writing platform, and much more.


This company was founded and has been run solely by us, Bevan Nutakor and Phil Akagu-Jones. We are both new Computer Science majors who are in love with learning and building new things. While currently small, we do hope to expand our team soon though so that we will be able to build bigger and better things, so if you or anyone you know is interested in working with us, do not hesitate to contact us.